Review: Review: The Duke of Distraction by Darcy Burke

Darcy Burke Publishing, 2019


I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Duke of Distraction is my first time reading Darcy Burke novel but I’ve long heard lot of great things about this writer. I liked this book. I particularly liked Sarah. I thought her dreams of hat-making were very endearing. What a charming, fun skill to have.

Total disclosure…friends to lovers is one of my least favorite romance tropes. The trouble I had with this book was that I didn’t feel much chemistry between this couple initially and it took a while for me to get any sort of emotional connection going (for Felix especially). This is usually my issue with any friends to lovers story… I always want there to at least be the tiniest little attraction beneath the surface…On the positive side this book has a great emotional payoff eventually which makes it worth reading. When this couple finally do connect there are some sweet, sexy moments. But I wished there had been a little more there in the beginning. A little more spark.

I like Darcy’s writing style. I think with other characters I would enjoy her even more. Some characters just don’t hit for everyone. No biggie. I have several others from her waiting on my TBR and I’m excited to make my way to them.

The Duke of Distraction is set to release on February, 26. Thank you Netgalley for the chance to read an advanced copy.


Sarah Colton is tired of waiting around until she’s married in order for her life to begin. She wants to take matters into her own hands and open a millinery shop where she can sell her very own hat designs. Her parents are less than thrilled with this idea. So they give Sarah an ultimatum…pick someone to marry or they will pick for her. And the man they have in mind is her brother’s best friend…

Witty and charming rake, Felix Havers hides his aversion for love and other emotions behind his propensity for providing others with frivolous fun and entertainment. As a witness to the way that love destroyed both his father and his uncle, Felix has vowed never to fall in love. But he’s willing to help Sarah find the right man for her…

But when tragedy strikes, Sarah and Felix find themselves growing closer. And they both wonder if Sarah can help Felix heal the wounds of his past.

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