Review: Rebel by Beverly Jenkins

Avon, 2019


I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Beverly Jenkins is a treasure. The end.

Okay, not really the end. But truly, she is. Per usual, not only did I enjoy Rebel for the romance but reading it gave me a better understanding of the historical African-American experience in the United States. At an author event I attended recently, I met a college professor who actually uses Beverly Jenkins books to teach history. Sign me up for that class!

Rebel is lovely. It’s impeccably researched and detailed. It’s sweet. It’s bold. I loved it.


Valinda Lacey sets off from the Northern United States to enrich the lives of newly emancipated men and women in New Orleans. As a teacher, Valinda knows that an education is imperative if this community is going to take their new freedom and thrive. But lifting this community up comes with the danger of hatred and bigotry. When her school is purposefully destroyed and her life is in danger, Valinda finds a safe harbor in Drake LeVeq’s strong arms…

Drake LeVeq, part of a proud, influential New Orleans family, wants to see his city and his community succeed. While the women in his family are fierce and strong, he’s never met anyone as determined and brace as Valinda. And it doesn’t take very long for Drake to realize that he wants her…for forever…

Happy Romance Reading!