Hi. I’m Caiti.

A tale as old as time. Boy meets Girl. Boy and Girl get married and have babies and life gets messy. And before Girl knows it, she doesn’t even feel like a person anymore. I’m looking to bring that girl back to life.

This is my Resurrection Project. Lots of BIG FEELINGS and spiritual contemplation. And books. Soooo many books.

Random Facts About Me

  • Believer and Big Feeling Feeler.
  • Stay-At-Home-Mama of two girls.
  • Married ten years and counting.
  • I’m studying the Enneagram. (I’m a Type 4, Wing 3, Social instinct dominant.)
  • Insatiable, obsessive reader.
  • Disney Family Matriarch.
  • Romance novel enthusiast and Bookstagrammer.
  • I have a dusty B.A. in English Lit hanging on my wall. And an expired AYA Language Arts Education license in a drawer somewhere.