In the Dark with the Duke by Christi Caldwell

Montlake, 2020


Whatever souls are made of, Christi Caldwell’s and mine are the same.

Christi does feelings exactly the way I like them. Visceral and throbbing and almost painful. And I just soak them all up like a happy feelings sponge.

Five stars for In the Dark with the Duke! Here’s the gist: Lady Lila, who has survived a horrific trauma (not sexual, just fyi), seeks out Hugh, a bare-knuckle fighter, to teach to defend herself and her family. If that majorly hot dynamic isn’t enough for you, I don’t know what tell you. I particularly related to Christi’s depiction of mental health struggles and privilege. How do we address our own trauma while still owning and recognizing privilege? I wrestle with this constantly. That felt very timely to me.

Loved this book. Christi Caldwell has never ever ever let me down.