The Honey-Don’t List by Christina Lauren

Gallery Books, 2020


Here is my two cents, take it for what it’s worth… I think CLo fans likely need to accept that this duo is evolving and writing different books than they did in the beginning of their career. If you aren’t into it and don’t want to come along, that’s okay! I enjoy their older books. I also enjoy their new books. So I went into The Honey-Don’t List expecting a romantic comedy as opposed to a romance and that was key for my enjoyment.

The gist: Carey and James are the beleaguered assistants of Melissa and Rusty Tripp, a Gaines inspired Home Renovation superstar couple. Except the Tripp marriage is in shambles. *womp womp* Carey and James have to somehow keep the adoring fans from finding out that these two actually despise each other before the official launch of the couple’s new Netflix series.

I thought THDL was both clever and funny. Did it feel like the romance between Carey and James took a backseat to the Tripp family drama? Sure. But I didn’t mind it to much because I expected that to happen. And also…I’m morbidly fascinated with this phenomenon of making a living as a “personality” or by exposing your family…so watching the Tripp’s fake-life implode was perversely satisfyingly to me. It’s possible that I’m a jerk.

I’m glad that Carey and James each got their HEAs and the jobs they deserved. And this book  made me laugh and helped me relax. So. Four stars from me. The Honey-Don’t List comes out next month. Thank you Netgalley and for the opportunity to read an advanced copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.