The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kaye Adams
Berkley, 2019


Am I trying convince Mr. RomanceMom to read The Bromance Book Club?

Yes. Yes, I am trying to convince Mr. RomanceMom to read The Bromance Book Club.

I really, really, really liked this book. The premise is brilliant and funny and will likely delight any dedicated  romance reader.

Having said that, I do have a one significant grievance:
Okay. Maybe this is my (almost) ten years of marriage talking to Thea’s three but I kept waiting and waiting for that girl to take SOME TINY AMOUNT of responsibility for the state of her marriage. And she never really did…and I get it, she was a young newlywed mother. It’s so easy to lose yourself. But (AND NEVER EVER TELL MR. ROMANCEMOM I SAID THIS ) she was very angry at Gavin for not noticing she was unhappy but she never told him!!!! She was a crappy communicator too. Also…as for not finishing school… she’s married to a professional baseball player. They could afford college courses and childcare without blinking. Also kinda on her. Not him. .

I wish she would have owned all that.

Still think this is a great book though. I’m excited for Undercover Bromance coming out in March. ❤️