How to Forget a Duke by Vivienne Lorret

Avon Books, 2018


Let’s just say I ignored all my household chores the day I picked up How to Forget a Duke. It’s officially my favorite Vivienne Lorret book to date.

Miss Jacinda Bourne and her two sisters own and operate a professional matchmaking service. Jacinda prides herself on carefully matching clients with highly compatible and thoughtfully considered potential life-partners. But how can she do her job well when her latest client is hiding something? Stubborn and curious almost to a fault, Jacinda will do anything necessary in order to sniff the Duke of Rydstrom’s secrets. Even if she has to don a disguise and break into his study. Or sneak off to his dilapadated estate on her own…

Okay, yes, Crispin Montague, the Duke of Rydsrom, is hiding something. But that something is none of the infuriating and totally obnoxious Miss Bourne’s business. All he wants the Bourne sisters to do is find him a wife with a big enough dowry to set his ancestral home to rights. Is that so much to ask?! Apparently, yes. Because Jacinda’s misadventures leave her washed up on his beach without any memory of who she is or what she’s doing at his home. Oh. And then there’s a storm which renders the roads impassible, forcing Crispin to play host to the very nuisance who’s trying to dig up all of his secrets.

However shall he cope?

This book is just delightful. Apart from it’s perfect incorporation of Jane Austen’s Emma, it’s also sassy and sexy. It’s full of classically fabulous romance tropes and still original and unique.

Jacinda and Crispin are a vibrant, exciting combination and I couldn’t get enough of their I Can’t Stand You but, Dang, I Really Love You relationship. While Jacinda is charming, adventurous, and completely indelible, Crispin is delectably irritable on the surface but a total love-squish underneath. Sigh…

How to Forget a Duke is the first book in a new series called Misadventures in Matchmaking. The next in the series, Ten Kisses to Scandal, comes out on December 24, 2018 (Merry Christmas to You!) and will feature Jacinda’s sister, Briar. I can’t wait! You don’t want to miss How to Forget a Duke. It’s a charming balance of fun, banter and sweet romance. Check it out.